Most Spas and Hot Tubs require extra from the electrical circuit it is connected to. This is due to the requirements of the Spa’s water pump and other unique options to it. Also, when starting the Spa, there is a heavy draw to the property’s electrical system that comes from the motor. An Electrical Panel for the Spa and Swimming area would be a safe, simple, and practical addition to the home or business’s electrical system. The Electrical Professionals at LED Electrical Services will install a dedicated panel and necessary electrical circuits to run the Spa or Hot Tub and all other electrical installations near water safe and efficiently. Some Benefits To Adding A Spa Electrical Panel Include: • Protection for your electrical installations around water • Valuable Updates • Peace of Mind - Feel more comfortable knowing that you, your loved ones, or employees will be safe swimming. Considering Installing An Electrical Panel For Your Spa? Hire LED Electrical Services Call 936-828-2220 Going with certified LED Lighting Electricians will help take the guess work out of transforming your property into an energy efficient dwelling. You will get an UP-FRONT & NO OBLIGATION quote from one of our specialist, that will tailor the proposal to meet the exceptions of the home owner safely while taking into account all existing codes in the city.
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