Dryer Connection Installation Safely & Seamlessly! New appliances and older homes sometimes don’t communicate correctly. When it comes to the dryer circuit, the plug (3-Prong or 4-Prong), wiring, and breaker all need to be installed correctly in order for your new appliance to work efficiently. LED Electrical Services can assist you in meeting the new dyer’s electrical requirements as well as installing any necessary vents or exhaust devices to make your laundry day an easy one... or as easy as possible. Some Benefits To Installing Outdoor Lighting Include: • Curb Appeal - Brings a unique look to your property • Security - Properties with outdoor lighting helps reduce crime • Peace of Mind - Feel more comfortable walking around the property after dark Considering Outdoor Lighting? Hire LED Electrical Services Call 936-828-2220 Going with certified LED Lighting Electricians will help take the guess work out of transforming your property into an energy efficient dwelling. You will get an UP-FRONT & NO OBLIGATION quote from one of our specialist, that will tailor the proposal to meet the exceptions of the home owner safely while taking into account all existing codes in the city.
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